Towards a circular economy

40% of the total volume of fish caught is regarded as waste and is processed into fishmeal for the animal feed industry. Ocean Ingredients' mission is to waste nothing of what nature offers us by using all of the fish.

Zero Waste. That's what we're aiming for.

We know how to make high-quality products for the food and feed industry from the residual flows.

See below how we get the most out of salmon and thus make an important contribution to a circular economy.

Applications in the market

Salmon farm

Permanent growers

We do business with contracted growers we know and can guarantee quality. As natural as possible like the well-known VÅRLAKS salmon.

Salmon production

Own processing

Ocean Company processes the salmon for the food industry where the residual products of the salmon are processed by Ocean Ingredients

Salmon scraps

No waste

We process the residual products that remain into new products for the food and feed industry. In this way, everything from the salmon is used sustainably.

Processing salmon

Extraction process

With our machines we are able to make raw materials from the residual products that are suitable for the food industry and therefore also for the animal feed industry. 

Salmon raw materials

Raw materials for human consumption

Of the residual products, we produce salmon oil, protein hydrolysate, calcium and collagen powder, among other things.

Applications in the market

Salmon consumer products

Food industry

Our raw materials are widely applicable in foodstuffs and cosmetics.

Salmon pet food

Animal feed industry

Humane raw materials are the best ingredient for animal feed and pet food.